Cold Starters


Galia melon & fruit £7.95
Cold Mediterranean prawns £9.95
Prawn cocktail £7.95
Taramasalata £7.95
Freshly made from smoked cod’s roe served with pitta bread.
6 fresh oysters (Gigas) £13.50
Raw on the half shell, served with lemon.
Scotch smoked salmon £9.95
Gravadlax £9.95
Salmon served with a delicate mustard dill sauce
1/2 cold lobster £19.50
Smoked fish platter £9.95
Avocado and feta with olive oil dressing (V) £8.95

Hot Starters

Spicy seafood soup £9.95
Kalamari £8.95
Perfectly cooked squid, in a light batter, served with a homemade tartare sauce.
Fried whitebait £7.95
Frogs’ legs £8.95
Monkfish in curry sauce £11.95
Pan fried queen scallops with bacon £9.95
Grilled prawns in garlic butter £9.95

Fresh Fish

It’s absolutely vital to be able to judge accurately whether fish is fresh or not and for many people this is very difficult. The most important things to remember are that fresh fish should have only the merest scent of the sea; reminiscent of fresh seaweed, its skin should look bright and moist and its eyes clear and lively.

Fish of The Day With Sauce

Lemon sole with blue cheese sauce £22.50
Turbot with herb butter sauce £24.95
Grilled skate with black butter £22.00
Deep fried goujons of plaice £13.50
Dover sole with dijon and smoked ham £24.75
Wild sea bass with chilli, garlic and soy sauce £22.50


Cold lobster £39.00
Expertly cooked and served with your choice of marie rose sauce or mayonnaise.
Mornay lobster £39.00
Hot lobster with garlic butter £39.00
Classically presented; drizzled with our hot, homemade garlic butter.
Lobster thermidor £39.00
King scallops in lobster sauce £24.00
Scampi provencale with rice £23.50
Scampi sautéed and finished in a white wine, onion, garlic, tomato and cream sauce on a bed of rice.

Lobster Tank

Our lobsters are caught (in season) off the rough grounds of the North Norfolk coast, where they live in the cold sea waters, by traditional potting methods. We then bring them to our own lobster tank at the restaurant, so there is always a fresh supply.
Lobster has such a wonderfully, luxuriant flavour because they take in a lot of salt from the sea when they’re constantly shedding their shells. This salt brings out the sweetness of the meat and whether served as lobster thermidor with just a squeeze of lemon, it is a delectable dish.

Seafood Variations

Fish platter £24.50
Mixed fish and shellfish platter £27.75
Crawfish, crab claws, prawns and garlic butter £35.00
Hot shellfish platter £38.00
A crawfish tail, tiger prawns and crab claws alongside lightly battered, fried scampi and scallops.

Surf & Turf

Fillet steak £24.00
with prawns  
with crawfish (additional charge)
with half lobster (additional charge)


10oz steaks
Fillet £18.95
                          Pepper steak a la créme                                    £20.95
Beef stroganoff £23.00
Vegetarian and special dietary dishes
Please ask a member of staff for further information on our vegetarian options or to explain your dietary requirements.

Salad and Vegetables

Fresh asparagus £4.75
Selection of fresh vegetables £3.75
French fries £3.50
Sautéed potatoes £3.75
Boiled potatoes £3.50
Mixed salad £4.50
Salad and feta £5.00