The Family Business

As a family business, we take pride in the food and experience we offer. We’ve been running The Seafood for many years. During that time we’ve learnt what our customers like and work hard to deliver just that.

Not only that, with a trained nutritionist (Miriam) on hand we’ll cater for any special requirements. If you’re unsure whether any of our dishes meet your needs, we can help advise you. We’ll go out of our way to make sure you enjoy a meal to remember!

Over the years we’ve enjoyed the company of some well respected individuals and some of our best friends. View our Gallery. We’ve even been mentioned in Clement Freud’s book! And we’ve recieved some great reviews and high praise from some very distinguished people, such as Sir Henry Cecil, Clive Brittain and William Jarvis. As well as Cornellus Lysaght; a well renowned racing writer.

The Good Food Guide 2014


The Fish

All the fish served at the Seafood Restaurant is fresh. Where possible, we will always use local fish – and we’ve used the same local fishmonger for over 30 years, so we know what we’re getting! As a result our menu is always changing and the fish dishes move with the seasons.

Monkfish is also called Angler fish, because of the two dorsal fins which look like fishing rods, situated on the front of its head. It is easy to recognise as it has an extraordinarily ugly face. Mercifully this is usually not on view at the fishmonger’s as it would almost be enough to put you off of your dinner! Here in England, only the tail is used and it’s delicious.

Turbot and Brill are both flatfish and are similar in shape and size. Turbot has a shorter and wider body of the two, it is slightly speckled and has a rather knobbly skin on the dark side. The flesh is firm, delicate and has an exquisite flavour. Brill has a less delicate flavour and it has a greyish/brown skin on the upper side. It’s slightly less firm than Turbot, but just as tasty!

Skate, also known as Ray, is large and ‘kite-shaped’ with a long tail. The wedge from the fishmonger comes from the wings only. Skate is a great fish with succulent strands of flesh, which can be easily lifted off the central layer of ribbed bone. It improves with keeping, losing the toughness it has when freshly caught, but a day or two is usually enough.

Cod has a smooth skin, which is usually flecked with a yellow/gold colour and a little ‘smig’ under its chin. It was salted traditionally and is still sold in this form in some places. Cod is the most wonderful fish when it is in season and fresh.