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Taken from the book – Freud on Course

On Wednesday I went to Yarmouth, and would like to recommend the down-at-heel Norfolk resort to all my masochist readers.

The London train arrived in Norwich at 12:43. They let the Norwich to  Yarmouth train leave at 12:41. An hour to wait.

I took a taxi, and got into a three-mile traffic jam outside town which made the taxi only a medium-good idea.

However at Yarmouth, behind the station, I did find a fish restaurant of genuine quality. Being a race day, it was patronised by trainers from each of whom the waiter solicited tips, which he generously passed onto other trainers sitting at adjacent tables.

On the gastro front, the lobsters are handsome, while the skate, plaice, monkfish and John Dory are resplendent with freshness and they did me a bowl of mushy peas, served with mint sauce.

After the meal there were rich, heavy, black, bitter, walnut chocolate nugets to take your mind off the bill. You should go nowhere else.

Clement Freud – Freud on Course

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