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A fish called Wonder

Healthy, delicious and easy to cook, seafood has everything going for it. To celebrate National Seafood Week, Annie Hurst cast her net and came back with a great catch: the story of one Norfolk couple’s devotion to this wonder food.

National Seafood Week takes place this month (October 5 to 12) and top chefs around the country will be turning their hands to dishes that celebrate the country’s seafood industry. A range of special events is planned including all sorts of cookery demonstrations.

However, for one Norfolk couple, seafood is more of a way of life than a week-long special event. Chris and Miriam Kikis have been cooking and serving fish for 28 years, having established the county’s first fish restaurant in Great Yarmouth.

“We are starting our 29th year and we still have the same fishmonger (ACP of Great Yarmouth) that we had at the start,” says Chris, who continues to do the majority of the cooking himself.

“And we’re one of the few restaurants to have a fish display,” he adds, directing my gaze to the artfully arranged exhibition of fresh fish and seafood, which is set out near the kitchen.

“It’s really important to have fresh fish – I mean, people tell me that kalamari is chewy, but not my kalamari – it has to be really fresh and cooked lightly and then it’s amazing.”

And when I sample the dish that Chris prepares for us, I agree that it is absolutely wonderful.

The fishmonger goes to Lowestoft Fish Market every morning to buy for them – “he knows exactly what we want in terms of size and quality,” says Chris. The majority of the fish comes from the North Sea, with lobster and mussels sourced in north Norfolk and the scallops and salmon from Scotland.

As Chris, 58, disappears into the kitchen to do the cooking, I find out more about fish – and how good it is for us from Miriam, 51, who runs the front of house and who is also a trained nutritionist.

“My grandmother always said that you’d be clever if you ate fish, and now research has shown that fish oils are good for improving intelligence and concentration,” says Miriam.

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